• Funded Teenage Ladies Self defence 16-week course starting soon. Register as soon as you can as there is a time limit, up to 25 ladies needed. Parents and daughters must attend my Academy in Blackpill beforehand to attend a preliminary lesson or two with me, for a minimum cost.

  • Self defence and fitness for women in their 60s who still want to keep fit. Keep your muscles firm and flexible through practising Tae Kwon Do Forms. They help with balance, posture, self-defence and breathing. Get more confident in social settings and when travelling. This class is held at my home in Gorseinon' or at Vivian Hall, Blackpill.

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The Swansea Tae Kwon Do Club

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You can join anytime at this club in Swansea which I am trying to build after returning to Wales after 40 years. We have a dedicated group of children and adults. As a senior instructor and one of the first women to take up Tae Kwon Do in Singapore and having recently returned from Belgium after running my own organization for 22 years, my intention is to offer quality lessons to the Swansea Community.

As a traditional practitioner, I am having to adapt to the changing martial arts climate by offering interesting and fun courses whilst trying to keep the traditional form of Tae Kwon Do alive. My focus is not on fighting like clubs with the old dynastic style of training, where you get injured after a few months. You won’t learn anything in this way, it takes time and patience. I teach technique which offers a host of benefits, not least, fitness, self defence, balance, self-confidence, discipline, respect which will help to equip the student develop life skills. Tae Kwon Do should be enjoyable as an activity and most of my students like my classes. Though it is a fighting art, it is a way of life and a culture. The Art is a discipline of the body but more importantly the mind. This needs to be remembered by our students regularly to preserve the tradition and help develop the art. Modern day arts which are purely just about fighting, are bereft of the old traditional ‘Way’; examples manifold themselves in debates over which is the best style on the internet and other media.

Tae Kwon Do promotes self-esteem and well-being and can chase away the winter blues, while giving you a revitalizing break from the daily routine. It’s guaranteed to offer more than any other fitness class and something that one won’t get tired of. I focus on teaching Tae Kwon Do for the whole family, providing fitness, self defence and encourage self-discipline and respect amongst the Tae Kwon Do family per se. It can also bring families together in sport.

French and Spanish is also spoken if required. But the classes are conducted in English. Students are expected to train within their own individual abilities. Each student progresses at his/her own pace.

Exams are every few months and there are opportunities to participate in competitions, for students that so desire, and who are prepared to train more than once a week and also do extra training.

As a senior instructor, I have contacts with several organizations and colleagues in the UK and The Netherlands. I also examine my own students as a 6th degree master level, as I have done for the last 20 years.

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I started Tae Kwon Do in Singapore in 1970 whilst serving with the British Royal Air Force, at a time when Tae Kwon Do was unheard of within Europe, and have trained with several Tae Kwon Do organisations in the UK.

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