• Funded Teenage Ladies Self defence 16-week course starting soon. Register as soon as you can as there is a time limit, up to 25 ladies needed. Parents and daughters must attend my Academy in Blackpill beforehand to attend a preliminary lesson or two with me, for a minimum cost.

  • Self defence and fitness for women in their 60s who still want to keep fit. Keep your muscles firm and flexible through practising Tae Kwon Do Forms. They help with balance, posture, self-defence and breathing. Get more confident in social settings and when travelling. This class is held at my home in Gorseinon' or at Vivian Hall, Blackpill.

For more information contact Jenny Treasure's Martial Arts Academy now.

Club Fees

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Jenny Treasure's Martial Arts Academy is a quality run club with small classes that relies on fees, membership and a Community attitude in order to survive and prosper.


Club Insurance must be arranged with me straight away and costs £16 per year, receipt given from insurance company.

Introductory lesson

  • A one-time trial lesson may be taken for FREE

Club Pricing

Peewee Classes: 8 to 10 Years £25 Monthly 4 Lessons.
Peewee Classes: 8 to 10 Years £35 Monthly 8 Lessons
Teenagers / Adults: £30 Monthly 4 Lessons
Teenagers / Adults £50 Monthly 8 Lessons
Assistant Instructor Training: £10 / Hour
Assistant Instructor Exam: £40
  • Assistant Instructor Training requires 4 lessons.
  • The Exam price of £40 includes the Diploma Certificate.

Private lessons are also available at home Gym in the Gorseinon area: £10 per hour.

Club Membership

The annual fee for Club Membership is £50 per year and payable during the first, or at the latest the second month of training. Students will receive the Club Handbook, along with a passport that they must be in possession of for exam purposes and competitions. Students receive a suit/dobok worth £20. The club membership fee goes towards equipment, advertising costs, website maintenance, etc etc and is absolutely essential, given the lack of funding currently available.

Equipment Prices

  • Tae Kwon Do suits must be ordered and purchased from Miss Treasure at a price of £20 (subject to fluctuating costs and sizes). Students should be in possession of a suit after the first month of enrolling at the club. Check to see if there is a special off on.

  • Regulation foot protectors sets (2 sets) are £44 complete including VAT and postage.

  • Regulation helmets are £25 including VAT and postage.

  • Tae Kwon Do Books giving UTI syllabus in English up to 1st degree, 2nd degree, 3rd degree, €35 plus postage. No postage if picked up on the yearly summer camp by members.  Dan bong sticks are €25 and made of quality wood for red belts upwards.

  • Club Tshirt available at £12, hoodies £22.

  • Club Badges are £6 each.

All equipment MUST be purchased from the club instructor this ensures that all equipment is compliant with all regulations.

There really isn’t a big equipment outlay cost, once the student has bought the suit and foot and hand protectors. The protectors can be bought over a period of two months.


  • Fees are paid in advance each month no later than the second week.

  • Annual membership fees are due each year, on the due date. As is insurance.

  • Fees can be paid either by cash or bank transfer. Sorry, no Cheques. Bank details are on the registration form which must be completed on joining.

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I started Tae Kwon Do in Singapore in 1970 whilst serving with the British Royal Air Force, at a time when Tae Kwon Do was unheard of within Europe, and have trained with several Tae Kwon Do organisations in the UK.

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