• Funded Teenage Ladies Self defence 16-week course starting soon. Register as soon as you can as there is a time limit, up to 25 ladies needed. Parents and daughters must attend my Academy in Blackpill beforehand to attend a preliminary lesson or two with me, for a minimum cost.

  • Self defence and fitness for women in their 60s who still want to keep fit. Keep your muscles firm and flexible through practising Tae Kwon Do Forms. They help with balance, posture, self-defence and breathing. Get more confident in social settings and when travelling. This class is held at my home in Gorseinon' or at Vivian Hall, Blackpill.

For more information contact Jenny Treasure's Martial Arts Academy now.

Tae Kwon Do - Health Benefits

Tae Kwon Do offers an intensive and varied workout, and students must train within their capabilities and age. There is a fitness benefit for all ages. My practice keeps my muscles and cardio-vascular fitness at a reasonable level for my age, burns calories and makes me feel good. Fit younger students will benefit from increasing their present fitness through the patternwork and sparring practice too. Unfit children will develop a regular exercise and martial arts regime that will help them lose weight.

There are many health benefits including:

  • It enables the student to learn a level of focus, and concentration with defensive techniques.

  • A high level of stamina, cardio-vascular fitness and endurance to strengthen the immune system can be achieved. This is important for a martial artist.

  • It has been proven that students with asthma can improve their condition through Tae Kwon Do.

  • The overall training programme and syllabus can help to improve the body’s range of movement.

  • Less injuries are encountered in the “dojang” than on a squash court or at a football match.

  • The stretching programme prevents ageing and helps muscular or joint problems which arise from sport.

  • Develops good posture and balance, that otherwise diminishes with the ageing process.

  • Through the development of chi (our internal energy) the body can heal itself. This is also fundamentally important in developing proficient technique.

  • Develop strong wrists for self-defence.

  • As a confidence booster.

In developing the spiritual side of the art, the student will become more positive and focused on goals – but also develop a self awareness, which will promote well being that can alleviate stress.

All these benefits will only occur if the student commits and trains for a realistic timeframe, years rather than months.

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I started Tae Kwon Do in Singapore in 1970 whilst serving with the British Royal Air Force, at a time when Tae Kwon Do was unheard of within Europe, and have trained with several Tae Kwon Do organisations in the UK.

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