• Funded Teenage Ladies Self defence 16-week course starting soon. Register as soon as you can as there is a time limit, up to 25 ladies needed. Parents and daughters must attend my Academy in Blackpill beforehand to attend a preliminary lesson or two with me, for a minimum cost.

  • Self defence and fitness for women in their 60s who still want to keep fit. Keep your muscles firm and flexible through practising Tae Kwon Do Forms. They help with balance, posture, self-defence and breathing. Get more confident in social settings and when travelling. This class is held at my home in Gorseinon' or at Vivian Hall, Blackpill.

For more information contact Jenny Treasure's Martial Arts Academy now.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How often should I attend class?

Students may attend once a week, but in order to progress to higher rankings, a minimum of twice a week is required in order to qualify for exams.

How large are the classes?

Weekday class sizes are usually small and well-organized and students are required to work hard at their technique at every lesson. Yes we have fun but we work to develop a good quality club. Classes are geared to encouraging families to train together with the different grades up to red belt in one class. New beginners classes are also organized.

What happens if I miss a class?

Students progress at their own pace so if a class is missed, it’s usually not a problem. Please note that fees are paid on a monthly basis after the introductory lesson and are not refunded for missed classes.

How old must I be to start Tae Kwon Do?

Students as young as 5 years can start classes. Every student progresses at his/her own pace.

What is the difference between Karate and Tae Kwon Do?

Tae Kwon Do does actually emanate from a Japanese style of Karate called Shotokan as the founder of Tae Kwon Do was himself a black belt in Shotokan.

Is any special equipment required ?

A comfortable training suit or gym wear can be worn for the first lessons. A dobok (uniform for Tae Kwon Do) should be purchased within one month of joining the Club from your instructor. The student will need a set of sparring mits and foot protectors and a headguard, a box and a gumshield after the dobok has been purchased. After the initial suit and equipment, there isn’t anything else to buy for training.

Do I need a medical exam before joining?

A medical exam is important if you’re not sure of your health condition, or if you’ve not trained for some time. Students with heart problems shouldn’t train, and other medical problems should be brought to the instructor’s attention. All students must get insurance from the instructor after the first lesson and this costs £16 A YEAR.


I started Tae Kwon Do in Singapore in 1970 whilst serving with the British Royal Air Force, at a time when Tae Kwon Do was unheard of within Europe, and have trained with several Tae Kwon Do organisations in the UK.

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