Weapon Patterns

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In the particular style of Tae Kwon Do that is taught at our club, Karel van Orsouw, 9th Dan Master from the UTI in Holland, has created weapons patterns, which provide an important progression for advanced students that enhances overall skills and abilities. There is also a self-defence drill that can be used with the weapons, as well as learning the forms which contain many movements both defensive and attacking.

The first two of the weapons patterns are performed with a short stick called the Dan Bong. The first pattern is called Kwon Moo Gun consisting of 50 moves, the second pattern is called Park Jong Soo consisting of 65 movements.

There is also a long stick pattern called Jung Bong which consists of 78 movements, and a knife form (Dan Geom) called Cha-Rywk with 81 movements.

The knife is the most challenging for 4th dan grades upwards and it is nice to watch one of the senior practitioners of a good ability practicing this form.



I started Tae Kwon Do in Singapore in 1970 whilst serving with the British Royal Air Force, at a time when Tae Kwon Do was unheard of within Europe, and have trained with several Tae Kwon Do organisations in the UK.

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