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Quality lessons to attract families training together from 7 years old and an emphasis on getting women and young ladies in to improve their confidence, self esteem whilst enjoying this individual sport. Single adults are also very welcome to join. Courses on Monday and Thursday  Beginners: 5.30-6.30 on Monday, 6.30-7.30 coloured belts, Thursday 5.30-6.45 Beginners class and coloured belts. I give quality classes for a Group Price and there is a one month's probation period for all beginners to see if they are happy and want to do the Syllabus that I teach and pay the yearly Membership which includes the dobok/suit.  Adults who want something interesting and active to do can join over 50 years of age also. Anyone can train in this martial art and eventually achieve a Black Belt. My fees are very cheap compared to other Tae Kwon Do organizations and I receive no funding. I am DBS checked and have taught tae kwon do and self defence for over 27 years in Belgium and the UK. I have written a book giving an insight into this fab martial art that I love and which helps to keep me well and fit. You can't defend yourself unless you have practiced a martial art like tae kwon do that contains all the important techniques that you need beforehand and that takes commitment, patience and time.  You will gain strength, endurance, flexibility, timing, balance, speed,reflex etc etc, required for self defence.   I need all families to join every week to keep the Academy going and do not have separate children's classes. Mums and Dads can join with their daughters or sons which means that you will have something in common together to talk about and practice. Tae Kwon Do chases away the blues of life and takes you outside of life generally.  It's a hobby that you can share with others in the UK and overseas, with the UTI in the Netherlands for example on their camp, normally held at the end of June.  If you stay on this training programme for a few years you don't need to worry about dieting.

I need more young ladies to join on Monday night.  If you succeed in getting a diploma from me this can qualify for UCAS points at your school.  

The times of the classes are shown above. Could people register on my website and you can also ask any questions that you might have there. Go to 'Contact' and fill in the form accordingly.


Ladies and Teenage Ladies on Monday and Thursday night

Ladies Classes

Come along to our Tae Kwon Do self defence classes on Monday and Thursday 5 till 6 and enjoy this fantastic martial art. Learn to defend yourself whilst enjoying your sport. Bring a friend and gain confidence, self-discipline, work towards a degree in the Art which will schools will give awards for. Classes every week. A free suit is included in the yearly membership. Small quality lessons given by Jenny Treasure herself every week.

New students and Jack at PUMA tournament last year

Jack well done
new students this year

Well done to Jack for getting Silver in the Sparring and Bronze in the Patterns Events last year.

Recent photographs of 2017

Three female Welsh Authors Book-signing

Book Signing

Booksignings by 3 Female Welsh authors on their spiritual experience in Committee Room 2 at the Civic Centre, Saturday 26 April, 11-1pm

New website up and running

Fabulous new interactive website which will contribute significantly to our Academy in Blackpill and be fun and interesting for the students.

My Book

Jenny Treasure Book Cover

MY BOOK ‘MY STORY’ by a Female Tae Kwon Do Master Jenny Treasure WAS PUBLISHED AND PRINTED BY PUMBO in The Netherlands(June 2013) and you can buy a copy on Kindle Direct or a paperback version from me.

3 copies of the book is with Swansea Library, one copy with the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, Trinity St David, Uni of Wales, Carms. English version: by clicking on this link.

Just send me an email on Price is £12.00 plus postage.

3 Welsh authors will be having another booksigning at the Civic Centre Swansea in Committee Room 2 on Saturday 26 April, 11am-till 1pm



I started Tae Kwon Do in Singapore in 1970 whilst serving with the British Royal Air Force, at a time when Tae Kwon Do was unheard of within Europe, and have trained with several Tae Kwon Do organisations in the UK.

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